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劇場版「Fate/stay night[Heaven’s Feel]」Original Soundtrack

商品番号 SVWC-70641/3
税込価格 4,180円
発売日 2024年3月27日














梶浦由記が音楽を手掛けた、アニメ映画「Fate/stay night[Heaven’s Feel]」シリーズの劇中BGMを網羅したオリジナル・サウンドトラックで、Aimerが歌唱する各章の主題歌も収録した作品。「and she came to me」、「calm and quiet days」、「cherries are falling」他、全105曲収録の3枚組。


梶浦由記が手掛けた劇場版「Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]」の劇伴に加え、Aimerによる全三章の主題歌を収録したオリジナルサウンドトラック。


1.and she came to me
2.calm and quiet days
3.cherries are falling
4.calm days, passing by
5.wounded past
7.open the curtains
8.the flower will bloom
9.scar of the war
10.the decision to fight
12.in the maze
13.she is the Saber
14.and he vanished
15.his war, my war
16.his war, my war #2
17.crawling shadow
18.the loser has to fall
19.she decides, he decides
20.her sorrow, his anger
21.song of a tiny flower
22.lancer and assassin
24.existence of shadow
25.what are you gonna do?
26.into the battle
27.she did not answer
28.with or against
29.fears and hopes
30.now I'm back
31.for the butterfly




1and she came to me (梶浦由記)
2calm and quiet days (梶浦由記)
3cherries are falling (梶浦由記)
4calm days, passing by (梶浦由記)
5wounded past (梶浦由記)
6foreboding (梶浦由記)
7open the curtains (梶浦由記)
8the flower will bloom (梶浦由記)
9scar of the war (梶浦由記)
10the decision to fight (梶浦由記)
11overpowered (梶浦由記)
12in the maze (梶浦由記)
13she is the Saber (梶浦由記)
14and he vanished (梶浦由記)
15his war, my war (梶浦由記)
16his war, my war #2 (梶浦由記)
17crawling shadow (梶浦由記)
18the loser has to fall (梶浦由記)
19she decides, he decides (梶浦由記)
20her sorrow, his anger (梶浦由記)
21song of a tiny flower (梶浦由記)
22lancer and assassin (梶浦由記)
23interception (梶浦由記)
24existence of shadow (梶浦由記)
25what are you gonna do? (梶浦由記)
26into the battle (梶浦由記)
27she did not answer (梶浦由記)
28with or against (梶浦由記)
29fears and hopes (梶浦由記)
30now I’m back (梶浦由記)
31for the butterfly (梶浦由記)
32花の唄 (Aimer)


1avant−title (梶浦由記)
2you have to choose your future (梶浦由記)
3small talk, with my brother (梶浦由記)
4in the passing train (梶浦由記)
5hurrying to the library (梶浦由記)
6you shouldn’t have come here all alone (梶浦由記)
7something I can do (梶浦由記)
8she is her Hero (梶浦由記)
9what she was hiding (梶浦由記)
10the butterfly emerge (梶浦由記)
11she’s made up her mind (梶浦由記)
12he still can’t choose his future (梶浦由記)
13let’s go home together (梶浦由記)
14I will be her Hero (梶浦由記)
15what he has believed (梶浦由記)
16there is a crack (梶浦由記)
17he goes, she goes (梶浦由記)
18the outbreak of war (梶浦由記)
19she rules the battlefield (梶浦由記)
20come on, make your move (梶浦由記)
21He comes back again and again (梶浦由記)
22what else, we can do? (梶浦由記)
23despair and hope (梶浦由記)
24petals and butterfly (梶浦由記)
25in a gentle world (梶浦由記)
26my stomach is rumbling! (梶浦由記)
27some sweet candies (梶浦由記)
28and another dinner (梶浦由記)
29spreading disaster (梶浦由記)
30gloomy tension (梶浦由記)
31bad dream, sad future (梶浦由記)
32an invitation from the old man (梶浦由記)
33can you save her? (梶浦由記)
34the song we once sang (梶浦由記)
35a tiny flower in my dream (梶浦由記)
36I will face my fate (梶浦由記)
37the lost butterfly (梶浦由記)
38I beg you (Aimer)


1she is no longer here (梶浦由記)
2the butterfly flutters (梶浦由記)
3that won’t do (梶浦由記)
4in early spring (梶浦由記)
5what happiness is (梶浦由記)
6to the castle (梶浦由記)
7you don’t have to act tough (梶浦由記)
8and he came back again (梶浦由記)
9despair was pleasure (梶浦由記)
10I kill and I give life (梶浦由記)
11why I fight 〜EMIYA〜(spring song 2020 ver.) (梶浦由記)
12defeat him and protect her (梶浦由記)
13we still have to go (梶浦由記)
14she tells about the Holy Grail (梶浦由記)
15in the basement (梶浦由記)
16the tale of the Holy Grail (梶浦由記)
17soon I will come to you (梶浦由記)
18I am all right (梶浦由記)
19once we were here together (梶浦由記)
20the gatekeeper (梶浦由記)
21she holds the black holy sword (梶浦由記)
22the four rings (梶浦由記)
23she came to save you (梶浦由記)
24you were always brilliant (梶浦由記)
25her hatred (梶浦由記)
26memory of a card game (梶浦由記)
27are you still telling me to live? (梶浦由記)
28I’ll protect you from everything (梶浦由記)
29he tells about love (梶浦由記)
30good or evil (梶浦由記)
31no way to back out〜I ask you, my foe (梶浦由記)
32I will show you a miracle (梶浦由記)
33searching for you (梶浦由記)
34spring has come (梶浦由記)
35春はゆく (Aimer)